jingle bells, jingle bells ...

jingle bells, jingle bells ...

New Ant Species: Camponotus ligniperda and Camponotus fedtschenkoi

If you want a new ant species for your collection, we have great news for you! Camponotus ligniperda and Camponotus fedtschenkoi. These species bring new and interesting breeding experiences to the world of ants. Add them to your breeding and discover the fascinating world of these amazing creatures.

Christmas Gift Vouchers

Can't decide which ant species is right for your loved ones? Too many options? Let them decide for themselves with our gift vouchers worth 20,49 eur and 40,97 eur. Give the experience of discovering the world of ants and leave the choice up to them!

New Formicariums from PLA

And that's not all! We are excited to introduce our new formicariums made from PLA. These state-of-the-art formicariums not only provide an optimal environment for colony growth, but also respect the environment by using PLA, a material that is biodegradable and derived from renewable resources.

Kick off your Christmas season with Etherant and prepare unforgettable gifts for the ant lovers in your life! Have fun discovering new ant species and provide them with the perfect home in our new PLA formicariums.

Come to Etherant and make not only you happy, but also your loved ones happy with these unforgettable Christmas gifts!
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