about us

Etherant, born from our founder's five-year passion for ant breeding, emerged to address a gap in e-stores catering to ant breeders' needs. Our goal is to offer a personalized approach alongside top-quality products. Originating on Discord, where we gained a satisfied customer base, we've expanded to this e-shop for enhanced convenience in acquiring all your ant project essentials. Proudly based in the Czech Republic's stunning Moravian-Silesian region, we believe in delivering superior service and quality to our valued customers. At Etherant, every customer is treated with warmth and respect. Our focus is your satisfaction and comprehensive support throughout your ant farming journey. Your orders are eagerly awaited as we stand ready to assist in your breeding projects. Welcome to Etherant - your dedicated partner in ant keeping!

after ordering

Once your order has been placed, we will send you an email confirming that your order has been processed. Then, depending on the service you have chosen, we will send you a shipment message. Express mail usually arrives within two days, while standard delivery takes up to 4 days. We recommend that you choose an express service for faster delivery.

Please also note that your goods will be carefully packed in good quality cardboard boxes, not envelopes. This will ensure that your goods are well protected and minimise the risk of damage during transit. Your satisfaction and the safety of your goods are our priority.


Our products come with a damage guarantee. If your item arrives damaged, we offer a full refund for that product. We prioritize product quality and ensure meticulous packaging for perfect delivery.

Concerning our ant range, live arrival is assured, and any rare instances of deceased ants will be promptly replaced. If an ant arrives in a damaged tube but remains alive (an uncommon occurrence), a partial refund can be arranged.

Please note, we cannot refund postage costs as these are typically non-refundable by postal service providers and are an integral part of dispatch expenses. Refund procedures vary depending on factors like damage extent and product type. Our customer support team is dedicated to promptly addressing any concerns regarding damaged products.

Your satisfaction and trust are our top priorities. We're committed to ensuring you're fully content with our products and services.

  • Ants Cambridge

    Our partner for the production of UV resin feeders. Their expertise and specialisation ensures the high quality and durability of these products, which brings optimum conditions for feeding ants.

  • Ants Germany0

    Our connection for wooden nests. His precision craftsmanship guarantees excellent workmanship in every nest with attention to quality and detail.

  • Luboliak

    Our friendly face who lovingly makes our 3D printed PLA nests and accesories. His dedication to quality and precision work ensures that each nest is made with care and attention to detail.

You can feel from our number of collaborations alone that we are good with people :)

- Matthew C.E.O.