how to start with ant keeping?

In order to start keeping ants and you don't want your ants to die right away because of beginner mistakes, you should follow our recommended steps.

  • 1. Research and Preparation

    The beginning of ant breeding starts with thorough research. Read books, articles or watch videos from experienced keepers to get a basic understanding of ants' needs and appropriate care.

  • 2. Equipment and Environment

    Prepare a suitable environment for your ants. Later, you will need a suitable nest that provides enough space for the colony, as well as food and sugar water. You can also buy this equipment from us soon.

  • 3. Getting Ants

    Ants can either be obtained from the e-shop or you can search for the queen ants yourself during the flight season.

  • 4. Care and Observation

    Regular care of the ants and their environment is an important element. Observation of their behaviour and needs is key to proper care.

  • 5. Community and Experience Exchange

    Involvement in a community of ant keepers can be helpful. Discussing their experiences and advice with others can provide valuable information for your own breeding.

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