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ANTPOD MICRO is the newest and smallest model of this modern series. Designed for keeping different ant species, from beginner Camponotus colonies to Temnothorax colonies etc. with maximum number of workers.


Size and Capacity: Ideal for Camponotus with 3-5 workers and Temnothorax with 50 workers. Width: 7cm / height:6cm (arena), 4cm (nest) / length:12cm

First ANTPOD with an enclosure: We thought of people looking for an all-in-one setup and this nest is our answer.

Thermo/Hygro Meter with App: The Nest has a built-in PCB board (which is waterproofed) that senses temperature and humidity, then sends that information directly to your phone. (qr code to download is included)

Enhanced 3D Printing: No visible layers of printing, with a shimmering sheen for a sleek look.


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